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2011-12-22 01:38 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Contact Post

(aka things to do while things import :T)

Niyx @ [ profile] kingsraven and [ profile] wanderingroad
(neither has been updated in forever)

Fic: [ profile] digitalinkstain
(currently in que to import all writings to [personal profile] aesopian)
Plurk: [ profile] graesceadwe
Gchat: crossnoire

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2013-06-08 01:16 pm


Oooookay, I'm finally caving in to the fact that I have way too much manga/manhwa in my house and I need to get rid of some of it. I thought I would offer it to friends first before I took it to the used bookstores.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, please PM me if you want to discuss a different price.

I would prefer to try to sell the sets complete rather than selling off individual books. If you are interested in a specific volume from a set, let me know, and I will contact you if no one shows interest in the set

Prices do not include shipping. I'll let you know what that will be when I get your books to the post office.

Payments will be through paypal. Leave a note here to claim books; payment or further details will come through PMs.

Note: This is from the first of five manga bookshelves. The list will grow considerably!

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2012-11-29 06:11 pm

Holiday Teas

So, with all of the Holiday cards and cookies going around, I thought I'd toss something up myself. As I have failed at cards for all my life and I only do cookies on a very last minute basis, I'm offering teas.

Specifically some of my unreleased tea blends from Why? Because I would like for people to be able to try them without spending 10$ for a tea they may not like! (also feed back on the blends would help :|a)


foxnuts: masala chai, sesame, foxtrot

gingerapple: irish breakfast, apple, ginger

wintercherry: irish breakfast, chestnut, dewy cherry

mixedbag: oriental spice, hojicha, ginger

summer snowfox: snowbud, foxtrot, osmanthus

redwinds: rooibos, hibiscus, raspberry patch

orangespice: irish breakfast, oriental spice, orange peels

You can ask for as many or as few as you'd like. I will be including enough of each to make about 3-4 cups or one pot of tea.

Comment here and let me know what your mailing address is. Yes, I will ship international unless it's completely ridiculous for shipping. Comments are screened.
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2012-09-19 12:53 pm
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(no subject)

So, for those who know about it, I'm going to be taking courses at You can view my profile here. Those who are taking classes with me, I've added to a special group on here. Hopefully we can keep up with course work together and hold discussions and the like.

Currently, I'm signed up for:
Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (Oct 22nd 2012)

Think Again: How to Reason and Argue (Nov 26th 2012)

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies (Jan 28th 2013)
E-learning and Digital Cultures (Jan 28th 2013)

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education (Feb 25th 2013)

The Ancient Greeks (Mar 18th 2013)

Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets (June 2013)

Analytical Chemistry (To be announced)

If you're taking any of these courses with me, let me know and I can add you to the groups for discussions. [personal profile] corinthian also has a listing of courses being taken by DW users if you want to see if anyone else is in the classes you're signed up for.

I'm really looking forward to this. ♥
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2011-05-12 12:37 pm

(no subject)

The things I do for you, AJ. =_=;;
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2010-09-13 09:48 pm
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In Dreams He Came to Me...

Prompt: akira/Ryuuko dream-smex/self-cest


In Dreams He Came to Me... )
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2008-11-09 12:22 am
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Generous Offers


[Rikuou] Kaza's very cute
[Rikuou] and kind of dumb
[Kaza] |<
[Kaza] i cannot argue
[Rikuou] ...I would say 'and missing out on some great sex' but. camp.

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2008-09-18 02:43 pm
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Prompt: Automail

Breathe )
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2008-09-05 02:41 am
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To Whom We Swear Loyalty

Prompt: Ranfan and Ed, comparing automail, or reactions to Winry examining Ranfan's automail

To Whom We Swear Loyalty )
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2008-08-09 07:16 am
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2008-06-05 04:06 pm
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Shake Your Head, And Scatter Day

Prompt: Coffee break; intermediate tyl

Shake Your Head, And Scatter Day )
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2008-05-08 01:58 pm
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A Winter's Evening Air

Prompt: suppositions and possibilities

A Winter's Evening Air )
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2008-04-25 08:16 pm
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Seduction Tactics


Mukuro: ... he likes making lancia top him. .-.;
4:21 PM me: rapey or seduction tactics?
Mukuro: either
4:22 PM me: pick one
Mukuro: ...rape

Seduction Tactics )
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2008-04-25 12:26 pm
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2007-09-05 01:17 pm
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TYL: No Man's Land

Prompt: ten years later

TYL: No-Man's Land )
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2007-09-01 03:28 pm
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Look to the Sky

Prompt: Spitfire/Akira; fluff drabble

Look to the Sky )