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Oooookay, I'm finally caving in to the fact that I have way too much manga/manhwa in my house and I need to get rid of some of it. I thought I would offer it to friends first before I took it to the used bookstores.

PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, please PM me if you want to discuss a different price.

I would prefer to try to sell the sets complete rather than selling off individual books. If you are interested in a specific volume from a set, let me know, and I will contact you if no one shows interest in the set

Prices do not include shipping. I'll let you know what that will be when I get your books to the post office.

Payments will be through paypal. Leave a note here to claim books; payment or further details will come through PMs.

Note: This is from the first of five manga bookshelves. The list will grow considerably!

English Language Manga/Manhwa
Added: 6/8/2013
Rave Master volumes 1-13 -- $39
Chobits volumes 1-5 -- $15
Quantum Mistake volume 1 -- $3
Animal Paradise volume 1 -- $3
RG Veda volumes 1-2 -- $6
One volumes 1-7 -- $21
Gundam Wing volumes 1-3 -- $9 [hold for [personal profile] approve_dammit]
Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists -- $3 [hold for [personal profile] approve_dammit]

Added: 6/9/2013
Marmalade Boy volumes 1-8 -- $24
Yami no Matsuei volumes 1-7 -- $21
Hana Kimi volumes 1-8 -- $24
Hunter x Hunter volumes 1-3 -- $9
The Aluria Chronicles volume 1 -- $3 *
Tenjo Tenge volumes 6-10 -- $15
Gravitation volumes 1-12 -- $36
Fruits Basket volumes 1-12 -- $36
Dragon Voice volume 8 -- $3
Pleasure Dome -- $3 *
Sweet Revolution -- $3 *
Sorcerer Hunters volumes 1-12 -- $36
Gundam Wing: Blind Target -- $3 [hold for [personal profile] approve_dammit]
Gundam Wing: Episode Zero -- $3 [hold for [personal profile] approve_dammit]
Gundam Wing: Ground Zero -- $3 [hold for [personal profile] approve_dammit]
XXXHolic volume 6 -- $3
Dost Thou Know -- $3 *
Only The Ring Finger Knows -- $3 *
Get Backers volume 1-7 -- $21
The Art of Loving volume 1 -- $3

* = yaoi / shonen ai

Japanese Language Manga
RG Veda volumes 1-10 -- $40
Angel Sanctuary volumes 1-20 -- $80

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