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aesopian ([personal profile] aesopian) wrote2012-11-29 06:11 pm

Holiday Teas

So, with all of the Holiday cards and cookies going around, I thought I'd toss something up myself. As I have failed at cards for all my life and I only do cookies on a very last minute basis, I'm offering teas.

Specifically some of my unreleased tea blends from Why? Because I would like for people to be able to try them without spending 10$ for a tea they may not like! (also feed back on the blends would help :|a)


foxnuts: masala chai, sesame, foxtrot

gingerapple: irish breakfast, apple, ginger

wintercherry: irish breakfast, chestnut, dewy cherry

mixedbag: oriental spice, hojicha, ginger

summer snowfox: snowbud, foxtrot, osmanthus

redwinds: rooibos, hibiscus, raspberry patch

orangespice: irish breakfast, oriental spice, orange peels

You can ask for as many or as few as you'd like. I will be including enough of each to make about 3-4 cups or one pot of tea.

Comment here and let me know what your mailing address is. Yes, I will ship international unless it's completely ridiculous for shipping. Comments are screened.