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Contact Post

(aka things to do while things import :T)

Niyx @ [ profile] kingsraven and [ profile] wanderingroad
(neither has been updated in forever)

Fic: [ profile] digitalinkstain
(currently in que to import all writings to [personal profile] aesopian)
Plurk: [ profile] graesceadwe
Gchat: crossnoire

[community profile] aather
Spitfire | Air Gear [personal profile] fallinflames

[community profile] thusia
Senji Kiyomasa | Deadman Wonderland [personal profile] whetblood

[ profile] campfuckudie
Kudou Kazahaya | Lawful Drug [ profile] touch_sensitive
Caeru Meveny | Wraeththu [ profile] ruecherche
Nara Shikamaru | Naruto [ profile] shadow_bum
Spitfire | Air Gear [ profile] foxinthefire
Jack Vessalius | Pandora Hearts [ profile] precedent_hero