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In Dreams He Came to Me...

Prompt: akira/Ryuuko dream-smex/self-cest


It was easy to fall asleep. It always had been and likely it always would be. It was also something he enjoyed though he never told anyone that. He'd never admit it to himself either. There were even times like today, with the sun shining and heat rising in waves from the pavement just beyond the shade provided by the tree he was leaning against, that he welcomed it. Not for the peace and not for the rest, but for the scent of heather and the cool brush of long, black hair against his cheek.

He leaned back against the warm chest behind him and closed his eyes savoring the caress of a gloved hand against his neck, cupping his chin and tilting his head back. Their lips met briefly, and he sighed with heavy relief. He knew this man now, knew his name and who he was. He didn't know enough, but he knew him best like this. Alone here in the darkness of dreams.

Turning in the man's arms, he kept his eyes closed as he reached up to pull the man back down into another kiss. His fingers fumbled at the man's clothes while his own disappeared with the same frustrating ease as always. He frowned in irritation, and the other man just smiled fondly and dipped his head to bite the side of his neck. He shuddered with a soft groan as silken hair fell across his body, hiding more of him than his clothes now.

The gloves finally came free and cool hands danced over his skin, pressing and seeking just where he wanted them to go. He'd never understood this before -- why this man was here or how he knew his body so well. Even knowing now, he couldn't help the gasps of pleasure as he was laid back, one of those so cool hands grasping him firmly as the man worked his way slowly down his body. His breath caught hard in his throat and he writhed as a warm mouth found his nipple and bit down. His heels found purchase on the ground beneath him, and he lifted to thrust into the man's hand.

As always, just as he began to consider asking for more, the man's hand moved beneath him, supporting him, spreading him, and slipping inside. His breath hitched at the smooth fingers that stretched him and distracted him. The soft brush of bangs against his stomach was his only warning, and his jaw strained as he clenched it to keep back the cry of pleasure as the man's hot tongue slid up his erection and took him into his mouth. He tangled his fists in the soft material beneath him as he lifted again, pushing into the man's throat and relaxing to take his fingers deeper within.

Pleasure began to shake through his body, and the cool hand withdrew, wrapping tightly around his erection and squeezing a strangled groan from him. He opened his eyes, looking down his body to watch the man shift, lifting to press his cock against him. The smile was there as the man pushed his hips forward, filling him...

In the smooth transitions of these dreams that he never bothered to question, he dropped his head down to rest on the man's chest, shuddering with pleasure as the hot body embraced his aching erection. Long hair spread across the strewn clothing and flushed cheeks and wide red eyes met his from behind the heavy black bangs. He withdrew slightly and pushed back inside, drawing a hitching breath from the man. He leaned forward, catching the back of the man's neck and pulling him into a hard kiss as he thrust forward.

Hot mouth and cold hands, the man's body strong and soft beneath him. It was the contradictions that aroused him so much. The pleasure that only this man could give and only he could take. He slipped a hand between them to stroke the man's erection pressing against his abdomen, until he released with a cry, arching his back. The spasms around his cock drew his own shuddering orgasm, and he held tightly to the man as he continued to thrust through the pleasure.

The cicadas buzzed noisily in the hot summer afternoon as he blinked his eyes open. He felt cheated and sated and in desperate need of a shower. He sat up slowly and reached for his book.

"Hey Akira! You're awake! Awesome, there's a movie that's coming on TV tonight! You should come over to my place so we can watch it! It'll be great! Hey Akira, by the way, who's Ryuuko? You--"

The familiar fleshy impact of his fist connecting to the blonde’s face helped him to ignore the scarlet burning through his cheeks. He stood, grabbing his book and leaving his unconscious friend on the ground. He didn't look back as he stalked away. If he were lucky, the moron wouldn't remember any of it.