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Generous Offers


[Rikuou] Kaza's very cute
[Rikuou] and kind of dumb
[Kaza] |<
[Kaza] i cannot argue
[Rikuou] ...I would say 'and missing out on some great sex' but. camp.

It was good to be home. Strange, but good. The city was noisy and crowded and somehow even the air was a little dirtier than it had been in that place, but Kazahaya couldn’t help the beaming grin as he looked around outside the Pharmacy.

"We’re really back huh?”

“Let’s get this over with quickly.”

Rikuou brushed past him and Kazahaya stuck his tongue out at the broad back. He was too happy to be back to worry about his partner for a minute. Kakei met them inside, and waved them to a back room where Saiga had set out tea and a snack. He didn’t bother asking how the man had anticipated their arrival, but took the tea and sipped it while he and Rikou spent the better part of four hours explaining to him as much as they could about the strange camp that had been their prison for so long. He wasn’t sure if he was surprised or not to find that so little time had passed in the outside world, but he supposed that was one of those things.

“I’m going up first. I want a shower.”

Kazahaya blinked from his thoughts and watched Rikuou’s back as he walked from the room.

“You enjoyed your time there, Kudou-kun?”

Something about the tone of his boss’s soft words brought a flush of heat into his cheeks and had him choking a little on the tea. “Y-yeah, it… wasn’t such a bad place. Not really.”

The older man smiled his best, his glasses flickering slightly in the lights. “You should take a couple of days off to rest before coming back to work.”

The young blond shook his head vehemently negative. “No I’m good! I can start tomorrow first thing! Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten anything! You’ll see! I’ll be here!” The energy of his response brought him to his feet. “I won’t let you down!”

Kakei chuckled as the boy rushed from the room and up the stairs. He closed his eyes tilting his head to the side as Saiga’s large hand cupped the side of his face.

“He’s waiting up there isn’t he?”

“It’s going to be a noisy night.”

The dark haired man threw his head back with a laugh and tilted his lover’s face up to kiss him lightly. “You’re going to make him work tomorrow.”

A sly smile twisted the lips of the precognizant as a muffled impact shook one of the frames on the wall lightly. He chuckled darkly. “Of course. He said he would after all. Next time, he should be more accepting of my generous offers.”

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