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Vices acted and applauded too

Prompt: poisons and approvals

Cool. Soft. Delicate.

He turned his face into the soft caress against his face. He groaned softly as his heart beat, pumping fire through his veins. He swallowed with difficulty, breathing coming difficult to weary lungs. He could just stop; he wanted to stop. If he stopped fighting it, it would all be cool and painless. If he just gave up...

Don't give up.

He groaned, sweat trickling down his face. He didn't want to stay. He had no reason to -- a child's laugh, a small hand tugging on his. A reason. Lancia-senpai! There was... small arms around his shoulders hugging him close. Lancia-senpai. Stay with me. Please stay, Lancia-senpai.

His breath rattled in his throat as tears joined the sweat on his face. The cool hand returned, brushing them away, forgiving him for letting them show. He struggled with the pain in his body until he knew nothing else. Just as the pain overwhelmed the small voice calling out to him, it suddenly lessened. Within seconds, the agony he'd fought so desperately for too long to think was gone, a mere ache of memory and throb of a worn body and mind.

Cool hands smoothed his hair back from a sweaty forehead and soft lips pressed gently against his still feverish skin. He sagged in relief, his breath coming easier than it had in hours. Dimly, he could hear voices beyond speaking. Closer, a familiar chuckle.

"That will do, Chikusa. Make sure you keep the antidote with you. I doubt you'd survive so long, and I wouldn't want to lose you accidentally."