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Seduction Tactics


Mukuro: ... he likes making lancia top him. .-.;
4:21 PM me: rapey or seduction tactics?
Mukuro: either
4:22 PM me: pick one
Mukuro: ...rape

In the middle of a ice storm in the mountains of Northern Italy, he entered the kitchen bringing a breath of heated summer air. The tall man straightened, his teeth clenching as he turned to face the youth. There was a hunger and menace in the air that caught any accusatory words in his throat. Mukuro had shed the illusions of innocence and youth tonight. Instead, he smiled with a wicked knowledge that sent shivers up Lancia's spine.

"Hello, senpai."

The words were quiet, mocking, inviting him to join in the joke before he knew what it was. The older man just stared at him, his eyes wary of any sudden movements. There was an electricity surrounding the boy, and he began to feel cornered as Mukuro slowly swayed his way across the kitchen floor.

"Aren't you going to say hello?"

Licking his lips, Lancia drew back as far as he could, pressing his back hard against the counter top. The red eye shone slightly under the kitchen lights as he crossed the room. Without pausing, he fit his body snugly up against Lancia's sending a startling wave of heat through the older man. The boy smirked, leaning his hands on the counter and forcing the man to arch his back to maintain any semblance of personal space.

The boy's voice was a warm purr and his smirk stretched into a leer. Opening his mouth to reply, the words were cut off sharply as a narrow hip was pushed firmly against his groin. A soft expletive tumbled from his lips rewarded by a deep throaty chuckle from the younger man.


"Mukuro, I--"

The man's words choked off again as warm lips and sharp teeth found the side of his neck. He closed his eyes, his breath coming deeply as skilled hands worked at tugging his shirt from his waistband.

"You wanted something?"


The word was pulled, strangled from his lips as he fought to think of anything besides the young man in front of him. The boy. The child. The one he had raised, tended, cared for, fantasized-- he slammed his head back into the cabinets behind him. Skin so soft, mouth so hot--

"Senpai... why won't you touch me?"

Strong hand gripped the counter top harder as dark eyes opened. His gaze darted rapidly around the ceiling unable to focus as the young body slid down, leaving a wet trail down his chest. When had the boy unbuttoned his shirt? With a gasp, his attention was jerked down suddenly. He stared in horror and rising lust as the boy, child, man rubbed his cheek against his cloth covered crotch.

As he turned his gaze up, Lancia marveled at the skillful tilt of his head that let the hair fall over the unnatural eye. The gaze he stared down into was earnest and open, which his mind screamed was a trap. Freeing a shaky hand from the death grip on the counter, he smoothed his calloused fingertips over the smooth cheek.

"Please, senpai--Lancia... please?"

Groaning miserably, Lancia sank to his knees, catching the soft lips in a desperately hungry kiss. Pushing Mukuro further back, he let his hands wander over the lithe muscles beneath the light clothes. He broke the kiss with a light panting breath. Blinking, he shuddered at the triumphant smirk in the red eye, just visible though the dark bangs. Groaning, he shifted his angle to hide the eye from view and gave himself willingly to the seductive illusion presenting by the boy beneath him.