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To Kiss Away the Pain

Prompt: injuries

"It hurts."

Lancia blinked looking up startled as a small hand settles over the bandages wrapped around his abdomen. He swallowed, half afraid to see the cruel gleam come into the boy's eyes and more pain to come. He diddn't expect to see the tender thoughtfulness on the young face.

There was almost an innocence to the expression. He turned his head away, unable to accept it. Another injury gained because of this boy. To him, was he anything more than a damaged tool? He closed his eyes suddenly against the ache that pierced into his chest.

The cool brush of hair against sensitive skin jerked his head back around again, and he stared at the boy, his eyes closed and bent low over the bloodied bandages. There was a slight pressure as his lips touched, but the pain slowly drained from his body.

The boy only lifted up enough to gaze at the bandages, his slender fingers trailing over the man's abdomen, and Lancia slumped back into the pillows behind him. He stared up at the ceiling, thinking back to memories he wasn't even sure were his own anymore. A boy in tears with a scrape on his knee from a tumbled from a tree -- had there been blood? He couldn't remember. The tears -- had they been real? -- glistened on the young face as he clung to the man's arms. "It hurts." Cleaning and placing the band-aid, the glisten of tears remained. "Lancia... it hurts." Small hands reaching for him, needing. He bent pressing his lips to the band-aid, lifting up to smile at the boy. "To kiss away the pain."

A cool hand on his cheek, brushing the skin softly, recalling his attention to the present. The smile on the lips was young and encouraging. He kept his attention there. He didn't want to see if the eyes would make a lie of the tenderness.

"It doesn't hurt now?"

Shaking his head brought a bright smile to the young lips. Stepping back, the boy turned his head away, his pleasure apparent in his voice.

"We should go then."

Nodding slowly, Lancia reached over, pulling the IV from his right hand. The world spun sickeningly as he sat up. There was no pain as he swung his legs out of the bed, but he moved far too slowly, too carefully for him to ignore even the faded warnings of the lacerated muscles of his abdomen. He swayed when he stood, but the boy was there, offering his shoulder as support. Slender, too young, still, forever. He leaned heavily on it as the world swung with a sickening wash of heat.

He didn't question as he was guided through the quiet corridors of the hospital to the exit. His attention was focused on each careful step. As he finally eased into the back of an awaiting car, the boy curled close to his side, pressing another kiss first to the bandages and then to his temple.

"To kiss away the pain, sempai."

He wondered for a moment if that innocence in the boy's eyes was real for the brief moment before he slid slowly into unconsciousness.

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