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Walling Flames

Prompt: picture

Somewhere during the middle of the practice, something had changed. A subtle shift of heat between the two, that couldn't be pinpointed. Suddenly he was noticing the lean figure darting and dodging ahead of him. Slim and lithe and moving with a catlike elasticity, the boy's body was hypnotic. It distracted him, breaking his concentration at all the wrong times. His eyes wandered more and more to the thrust of the boy's hips as he threw himself into the techniques he was being drilled in. The flushed and sweat drenched face set in such a furiously determine expression. Without realizing it, he was being drawn in helpless to fight the siren's call.

There was no indication that he was going to snap. He hadn't even been aware of the tension himself, but he burst forward suddenly, pinning the boy against the wall. One hand pressed against the surface close to the younger man's head, he froze. Seconds ticked away like hours as their eyes met. Startled, like a doe in headlights, the boy stared at him uncomprehending for a moment. He knew it was the slow half-predatory smile across his own lips that finally brought a spark of recognition to the boy's eyes. They widen slightly, showing too much white even as pupils dilated. He could feel the heated air around them change, small currents lifting from the slender form before him. It was seductive, and he was more than willing to be seduced.

Leaning in, his eyes fell partially closed, his attention on his target, only hesitating at a sudden inhalation from the boy.


He paused. They were barely an inch apart, and his breath puffed softly, warmly, against the boy's lips. They parted slightly, and he watched in distraction as the soft pink tongue flickered over the cracked skin, moistening it.

"I can stop."

The offer was soft almost a purr, and he wondered vaguely if he could. He wondered if he would be able to pull away if the boy said no, did he want to, did he have that willpower right now. The tension between their bodies was like an electric current. It was only inches that held them apart, and this last bit of restraint that he was trying to offer, that he didn't want to need. His pulse pounded through him, and he counted the heart beats waiting while the boy struggled with his own demons. Six, seven, eight, nine--

The movement was so small if he hadn't been so close, he would have missed it entirely. The minuscule jerk of the boy's head from side to side. Negation. Don't stop.

Their lips met in a rush, as though the pause hadn't happened -- as if that moment was nothing more than a nanosecond, an eternity of waiting contracted down into the blink of an eye. He pressed his body tight against the younger man, reveling in the tensions and surrender. His soft groan was echoed as he dropped his hand to the boy's head, pushing back the hat the hid the soft hair. Any thoughts of practice were abandoned as he concentrated his attention on learning even more about the alluring intricacies of his heir.

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