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Look to the Sky

Prompt: Spitfire/Akira; fluff drabble

Above the bustling streets in the quiet on top of the highest buildings, even the stars shown down on the city. He reclined with one arm folded under his head. Looking up at the heavens hurt his eyes sometimes, even at night. The pressure of the sky pressing down on him, the weight of the freedom that he hid from for the past two years. Sometimes, even now, looking up and being so high in the air, it was frightening. He would never admit it, of course, but there were those who knew it without being told.

The summer heat cooled by the darkness and the breeze brushed lightly over the sky scrapers that would never reach the lit streets below. Against his heated skin, it felt wonderful. So gentle and calming. He needed this escape to the sky. Kissed by the winds and allowing the flames to be rekindled inside him. Some things he could not see from his place on the ground. Some things only a freer person could show him.

On nights like this, he never complained and never protested. Like a drowning man, this was a gentle touch just to keep his head out of the water. It could never save him from the danger, but it gave him a chance to breathe freely for a few moments. Despite the pressure of the open sky, despite looking up and having nothing to anchor himself to the ground, he met these encounters with a fierce strength.

Beside him, on the blankets stretched out across the flat roof, the other man stirred and lifted his head with a soft groan. He watched him as he brushed his hand back through the tamed wildness of his hair. The grace of this man was so complete, almost bewitching to behold. The laziness, the calm assurance, the regality -- they were the marks of his experience, his own personal stamp on his Road. He wondered sometimes what else lurked behind the eyes that now turned to meet his own. The smile on his lips always managed to make it to his eyes, but the weight behind it was like the sky, and he had to look away.

"You look better. How do you feel?"

The soft words were easy on his ears, and he closed his eyes against the sky and concentrated on the feel of the ground beneath him.

"Sore. Good. Thanks."

The laughter of the man washed heat through his body, and he couldn't quite help the small smile forming on his own lips. He did feel good and grateful for this tiny escape before he had to return to his cage. After a moment the man quieted, laying still in his own thoughts.

"Be patient. Your wings will remember the sky when the time comes."

His heart contracted painfully for a moment, but he nodded. He didn't care if the other man ever saw it. Perhaps he was glad he could not. He was bound to the earth, and he accepted this, but it couldn't make the sky any less alluring or painful.

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